Wednesday, October 5, 2011

The Day of The Dead Cackling Coffin from Wicked Witch Productions

The Horror-ific goodies that will be given away at this year's Horror Hootenanny continue to stream in!  Here's one that would looks extremely ghoulish on any any monster kid's mantle...

This handmade DAY OF THE DEAD CACKLING COFFIN from Wicked Witch Productions is painted the deepest of purples on the outside, and encrusted with faux jewels, stars and roses in an homage to Dia de los Muertos. The decorated skull and swirly leaves adorning the top of the coffin are crafted from Sculpey clay, painted with an array of acrylic paints, and sealed with a satiny finish.

The inside is lined with blood-red crushed velvet. The inner lid has a sensor to light that produces an evil, undead cackle, but if you cover it up with the included miniature rose, the laughter falls silent until you remove the rose. The poem reads:

"Remove the Rose and you will hear
The laughter of the Dead.
Return the Rose and then Dead 
Will sleep in Peace again."

This unique piece also includes a scroll detailing the origins and rituals of Dia de los Muertos.

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