Thursday, October 6, 2011

ZOMBIE PROM details!

OK monster kids, we are in the home stretch! The Horror Hootenanny is Saturday night.
As if you didn't need one more reason to go "all out zombie" - but Dr. Gangrene will be announcing King and Queen of The ZOMBIE PROM between sets by Spookhand and The Creeping Cruds. Winners will be selected by secret zombie committee and will receive extremely creepy Z King and Z Queen trophies from EVIL PUMPKINS - followed by the official Horror Hoot "King and Queen Dance". It'll be like Horror High School all over again!

And if winning the Zombie Prom wasn't enough, there's also BEST ZOMBIE, details of which will be announced shortly by Dr. Gangrene! I can tell you that Best Zombie prizes are off the horror hook! Some really, really cool stuff - so if you're pondering if you want to go all out for the Zombie Walk and Horror Hootenanny, is there really any more reason to get as dead as possible??
Good luck monster kids!!

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