Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Hoot 8 Interview Series - Eric Unkle Pigors

Continuing our interview series here on The Horror Hootenanny site, it’s my pleasure to speak with the one and only Unkle Pigors, artist extraordinaire!
Hi Unkle! Thanks for joining us here - Your artwork is very unique and instantly identifiable. What were some of your influences that guided your style?
Thanx, my influences are mostly from my childhood ,artists like Dr Suess, Bk Taylors Odd Rods stickers, Waky pacs, Rat Fink, Monster toys, Plop comics, Mad magazine, the Munsters , and of course Halloween time are what made me the demented freak you see.

Many folks don't know that you're a Disney animator who's worked on some major movies such as The Lion King, The Little Mermaid, and Aladdin. Tell me about working for the mouse.
It was long hours and lots of work, but was also a lot of fun and paid great! I really look back on those days fondly now. When I was a kid I loved watching DISNEY cartoons, well all cartoons really. So to get a job there and get paid was awesome! And it helped me become a better artist being around so much talent to work from. And without that pay Toxictoons wouldn’t exist. When I got laid off I put my savings into doing TOXICTOONS.

What are your favorite/most influential horror flicks?
I love the Bride of Frankenstein , Children shouldn't play with Dead things, Texas chainsaw 1 & 2, and the Vincent Price films most.  And Milton the Monster cartoon series.

Most overrated Horror movie?
Hmmm, anything with JULIA ROBERTS in it is a horror movie to me!

Tell me about LET'S CHOP SOO-E.
Well it’s my animated cartoon I did for InterNational Rocketship ltd up in Canada. I lived in a hotel above a strip joint for 1 month while I made most of it. I almost died there too on my Birthday. My friends got me drunk at lunch and they left me there when I went in the bathroom, so I somehow wandered up 4 floors to my room and passed out. I woke up and tried to run my hand through my long hair and it got caught on my matted dried barf. I looked on the floor and saw lots of barf on the room’s carpet. That’s why I thank the CECIL HOTEL CARPET CLEANERS in the credits as a gag. I then turned the TV on to see what time it was so I could go back to the studio, but I soon saw that ARSENIO HALL was on. So I knew it was 11 pm. So I was passed out for 10 hours in my barf. I’m lucky I wasn't on my back or might have gone out like BON SCOTT!

But my cartoon stars a crazy clown called," NURSE HACKIT" and she chases a lil pig taken off its moma’s tit named SOO-E! It's done fast paced like the old TEX AVERY, Bob Clampett cartoons. Nurse Hackit is trying to kill lil SOO-E thru the cartoon so she can win the prize, a date with DR REX GOODCHIN, star of the daytime soap, "ALL MY ILLEGITIMATE CHILDREN."
It's on you tube and on my DVD I sell on my site with all the juicy details.

What's your favorite Halloween memory?
The last year I went out TRICK OR TREATING with my friend TOM COLE. We hit every house and trailer park. It was our goal to fill our pillow cases. And I remember all the houses that were spooked out to this day. That's why I do mine now all spooked out. One house had guys dressed like the universal monsters in fog and color lights and scary records, which I LOOOOVE listening to those old Halloween records. And I make a mix CD every year that comes with my TRICK OR TREAT BAG Special I sell on my website I sold out of this year’s already before October so I am making another batch so get one soon! They have my spooky activity book, CD, 2 pins, print, window cut outs, and a silk screened cloth bag to haul all your candy on Halloween.

You're trapped in a haunted theater for all eternity with one movie playing endlessly, and you get to pick the movie. What is it?
A Christmas Story. Oh wait Turner channel does that already. I do love that movie to death, and it’s my favorite film of all time. I wish there was a Halloween version of it. Great story telling. But I would say besides that film ... a nice spooky one, hmmm, The MUNSTERS complete 2 seasons!

What is a dream project you'd like to work on?

Well now that I have a line of masks thru Trick or Treat studios I would say my own Halloween special with my Toxictoons characters. I did design the creepy kids in ED EDD AND EDDYS HALLOWEEN BOO HAW HAW Special that runs every Halloween on CARTOON NETWORK. But my own Halloween special is my dream project. It would be awesome like CHARLIE BROWN’S but with my creepy characters! So come on someone out there with $$ let’s get this thing made.

What is one cool thing the kids may not know about The Unkle Pigors?
I have a butt hole that talks. Well at least I think he talks, and boy does his breath stink! Someone get him a mint!

To find out more about Unkle Pigors and order lots of cool creepy stuff go to and tell him Doc Gangrene sent ya!

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