Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Sponsor Spotlight - EVIL PUMPKINS!

The Horror Hootenanny welcomes EVIL PUMPKINS  on board for their first year as an evil sponsor. Evil Pumpkins are cool, hand-make, one of a kind pumpkin sculptures made by Tanya Roid! Every sculpture contains a pinch of very real "Evil Dirt" taken from the fireplace of the actual EVIL DEAD CABIN!

This year we are doing the very first ZOMBIE PROM where one undead guy and one undead girl will be selected and dubbed Zombie King and Zombie Queen! Each will take home an awesome EVIL PUMPKIN trophy! 

Evil Pumpkins will also provide a grand trophy for BEST ZOMBIE as voted by the zombie hoards! Special thanks to Tanya for bringing the evil this Halloween!

Don't forget to stop by the Evil Pumpkins table at the Horror Hootenanny and pick up a cool, one of a kind pumpkin sculpture or a very evil pumpkin pendant! Evil Dead vials will also be available as well as Creeping Cruds T-Shirts and CDs.
Evil will be well represented this year!!

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  1. I am participating in a virtual zombie walk today... I advertised your blog! If you want to check it out my blog address is: