Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Hoot 8 Interview Series - JEANO ROID of THE CREEPING CRUDS

Who the hell are ya and what is your job in the band?
Jeano Roid. Horror Rock visionary. Guitar bastard, song scribbler and general all around old dude.
What did you do musically before The Creeping Cruds 
All kinda shitty music. The Roidz, Death Turd, The Abusers, Bad Acid, Ruptured Nun The Mighty Shrill, Psycho Charger and of course The Jeano Roid Experience. 

What are your favorite/most influential bands?
Ramones, AC/DC, Turbonegro, The Forbidden Dimension, Zeke, X, old Supersuckers, old Alice Cooper and a long list of three chord Rock genius. For the most part all the music of today can suck it.

What are your favorite/most influential horror flicks?
The big three - Night of The Living Dead, The Evil Dead and Texas Chainsaw (originals - no sequels or remakes please). I love all Universal and Hammer Horror. Paul Naschy, Bava, 50's and 60's giant bugs, drive-in.  CGI can suck it!

What movie scared you the most?
By leaps and bounds... Black Sabbath. Specifically the segment call "A Drop of Water". Still scares me today! I challenge anyone to watch that one alone late at night. If you say it didn't scare you - you lie!

Most overrated Horror movie?
Wes Craven and Wes Craven. Biggest sellout phony in horror.

Who is the biggest celebrity you have ever met?
I've met and known a shitload of famous punkers and music people over the years. GG Allin, Rollins, Bad Brains, El Duce was my pal. I've met all the usual suspects in modern horror via the horror shows (Bruce Campbell, Foree, Moseley, Haig, Romero etc.) I sat next to Jimmy Carter on a plane one time. He introduced himself to every passenger, then fell asleep and drooled all over himself.

What Cruds song is your favorite to play live?
I like the fast stuff - so probably I Was a Teenage Werewolf... Come Out Neville is fun too. It's always fun when the crowd sings your stuff above the sound system. 

What is one cool thing the kids may not know about The Creeping Cruds?
Hmm.. For starters, none of us are Nashville natives. Our first band name was The Burnin' Rubbers! That lasted one day!

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