Monday, August 29, 2011

HOOT 8 Interview Series - BOOMER from THE CREEPING CRUDS

Who the hell are ya and what is your job in the band (details)?
Boomer, 44 single and looking, drummer.

What did you do musically before The Creeping Cruds (bands etc)?
Was in The Roidz, P.U.I., Meatlocker, Death Turd, The Abusers, The Mighty Shrill.

What are your favorite/most influential bands?
Slayer, The Ramones, D.R.I., anything punk and thrash influenced my playing.

What are your favorite/most influential horror flicks?
The Evil Dead movies are my fav's.

What movie scared you the most?
The first Halloween scared the crap outta me...but I was alot younger too.

Most overrated Horror movie?
Get back to me on that one.

Who is the biggest celebrity you have ever met?
Roxanne Pulitzer at a book signing, oh yeah, and El Duce.

What Creeping Cruds song is your favorite to play live?
Teenage Werewolf.

What is one cool thing the kids may not know about The Creeping Cruds?
That the Cruds all live in different houses.

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