Thursday, August 25, 2011


Who the hell are ya and what is your job in the band (details)? 
Steve-O Negative and I play guitar. 

What did you do musically before Spookhand (bands etc). 
I had an 1950's UFO-hysteria themed techno-punk project called Alien Urchin. Curious minds can find rough demos on MySpace or YouTube. I've also had a song released on a compilation album under Polish label. It was recorded for a metal band I worked on for several years. 

What are your favorite/most influential bands?
My musical tastes run vast. Misfits, The Ramones, The Queers, Nightwish, Overkill, Dragonforce, Blitzkid, Creeping Cruds, The Independents, The Creepshow, Powerwolf, and so on...

What are your favorite/most influential horror flicks?
Piranha, Night of the Living Dead (original 1968 version), The Cabinet of Dr. Caligari, The Mouth of Madness, Robert Wise's "The Haunting," Texas Chainsaw Massacre (1974), JAWS, The Bride of Frankenstein, Rosemary's Baby, Rubber

What movie scared you the most? 
The only movie to truly scare me was Stephen King's "IT." Well, at least until I finally finished the movie and saw the ending. Worst ending of all time. I hear the book is much better, but the movie ruined it for me.

Most overrated Horror movie? 
The SAW series, hands down.

Who is the biggest celebrity you have ever met? 
I've met several including Faith Hill and Ben from Breaking Benjamin. The only one I cared for, though, was Willy Nelson. I ran into him at a mall- quite literally. I came around the corner and we slammed into each other! 

What Spookhand song is your favorite to play live?
Bloody Murder! It was the song that gave us our first encore, too (FYI).

What is one cool thing the kids may not know about Spookhand?
Spookhand's first band name was Ice Wagon. We were set on that one, but during the next practice we decided that the more we said it aloud, the more we hated it! If that's not enough.

Your favorite Horror Hootenanny memory? 
My favorite memory was the first Hoot we played. At the time of our first Hoot, we had only played a couple of shows, so this was the biggest and most nerve racking to date. We were still getting our feet wet and wasn't sure how people would react to our songs. I was so nervous that I stared at my guitar most of the set, but when I finally looked up (and to my surprise), we had an amazing mosh pit going. That was an incredible feeling.


And now Steve-O and Spookhand are Hoot Vets! Come check em out and scream Bloody Murder with the rest of us! - Jeano

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