Friday, August 26, 2011

Hoot 8 Interview Series - WOLFIE from THE CREEPING CRUDS

Who the hell are ya and what is your job in the band (details)? 
I'm a shaggy ass old dirty dog, that cheated death and it's cousin. My job is to get every soul in da place hootin', hollerin' and HOWLIN songs of blood and Crud.

What did you do musically before The Creeping Cruds (bands etc)? 
It don't matter. HOWL for me NOW!!!

What are your favorite/most influential bands? 
Black Sabbath and Ramones. Plain and simple.

What are your favorite/most influential horror flicks? 
I like monsters and spooks! Frankenstein, The Thing, Exorcist, THEM!!!

Most overrated Horror movie? 
I don't know... no accountin' fer taste.

What movie scared you the most?
 As a young pup, I was born and raised in the Roman Catholic church. So when The Exorcist came out, it was not really considered fiction. And to top it off urban legend around St. Louis where I grew up held, that the kid the story was based on was locked up for a time in the attic of the Catholic hospital right around the corner from where I ran.

After seeing the movie I decided to read the book. Well one night after lights out, I was telling my little brother all about the movie and the book. We shared a room. My bed was under the window that sported one of those old fashioned roll up shades. You know the ones that are notorious for having a spring break and whip up and slap around making that loud flopping sound.

Anyway, one night I was telling my little brother about the Exorcist story, the devil and demons and how stuff in the little possessed girl's room was moving and flying around all by itself.

We laughed and joked nervously about how that was a bunch of bull when suddenly the shade directly over my head slowly went up... a stopped half way. Like some invisible hand decided it wanted me to see the moon. GULP!

We said good nights. I pulled the blankets up over my head and did not sleep a wink that night.

Who is the biggest celebrity you have ever met? 
I don't bother them people. Don't like to scare people unless they come lookin' to be scared.

What Creeping Cruds song is your favorite to play live? 
The next one on the set list?

What is one cool thing the kids may not know about The Creeping Cruds? 
Kids who been to a show know this but for those of you who ain't? If you pay at the door you WILL RAWK IT with the Creeping Cruds and the House will DRIP BLOOD!!!

Don't miss The Creeping Cruds at
the Horror Hootenanny 8
Saturday, October 8
or the red stuff will flow!

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