Saturday, August 27, 2011

Hoot 8 Interview Series - NUMBER SIXX from THE COFFIN BANGERS

Who the hell are ya and what is your job in the band?
I am the monster behind the mic, and the fiend of the six string for the vampire hunting punk rock group the coffin-bangers....they call me Number Sixx
and well my creation is some what of a horror story in its self and it goes like this.....
On a damp cool night in a small Texas town some time around 1931, A small town boy took his small town girl for a stroll down lovers lane . As he was rounding 3rd base he was tagged out by a local vampire by the name of DR. Vincent Phibes...What was created from this one night of passion and blood letting was the monster you see before you ...

What did you do musically before Coffin Bangers?
Before the coffin-bangers i fronted a no debunked punk rock band Freedom 35 along side my brother Mr. Coffin Kenny Lincoln

What are your favorite/most influential bands?
At a young age i was exposed to all forms of music from honky tonk to hair metal...The 1st bit of music i really latched onto had to be my home state heroes Buddy Holly and The Crickets..My all time favorite band has to be surprise here The its 1977 misfits , The American Psycho years, or the new school Misfits fronted by Mr. Only himself 

What are your favorite/most influential horror flicks?
Wow thats a hard one ....when it comes to vampire flicks has to be 1987s The Lost Boys"im watching it as i wright this"..Werewolf flicks has to be American Werewolf in London..Slasher flicks out of the big 3"Nightmare on Elm St. Friday the 13th and Halloween" i have to take Friday the 13th . Jason just creeps me out along with his crazy ass mom. Every one knows a true monster can only be created by an over bearing mother . But ruling out the "big 3" i would go with the Texas Chain Saw Massacre. I grew up in Texas and till the age of 13 i thought it to be true ..Zombie movies um the original Night of series along with City of Rott 

What movie scared you the most?
As a kid American Werewolf in London scared me so so so bad...But i have to say Decent scared the hell out of me ...

Most overrated Horror movie?

Any remakes I HATE UM!!!...People are not that hard to scare i I think we can come up with a few new stories to tell ...

Who is the biggest celebrity you have ever met?
Um i dont know i dont do the celebrity thing ...So let say ummm my favorite persons iv got to meet over the last few years has to be Joe Queer of The Queers . Hes a great guy and called my girl friend at the time the C word 

What CB song is your favorite to play live?

As of now its the new one "the One" ...but anyone who plays music knows your new song is all ways your favorite song till the next one you write ...Besides "the one" i am in love with playing "Susie Danced Naked in the mortuary" i could play it all day and night. It always feel better to play a song about a real life encounter ;)

What is one cool thing the kids may not know about The Coffin Bangers?
The Coffin-Bangers are the real deal ...While most horror punk bands tend to focus one writing songs based on movies...We live the horror movie ..We are what we claim to be ...We are grave robbing psychotic monsters from beyond the grave!


This is The Coffin Bangers first time around playing The Horror Hootenanny. Come on out and show em who the best Monster Kid horror-music fans in the country are! - Jeano

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